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Editorial Design by John C. Tripp

John C. Tripp offers magazine and editorial design, layout and production services for magazines, books, newsletters, brochures, maps, travel guides, annual reports and brochures.

Asheville Map & GuideĀ 

MundoVibe magazine

Premiere issue of Mundovibe, a world music and culture magazine based in New York City. Features interviews with musicians Belleruche and Ocote Soul Sounds. Brief articles on Paris-based photographer JR, Soundcloud, fashion label SUNO, the best urban music of 2010, Garifuna musician Aurelio and event listings for New York City.

Metro Asheville magazine

Premiere issue of Metro Asheville magazine. Featuring an interview with the New Mastersounds, Asheville events, Asheville map, reviews and coverage of the city’s urban culture.

Ipso Facto magazine

San Francisco’s Ipso Facto was a seminal ‘zine of electronic music, visual culture, street activism, style and fasion. With such noted designers as Steven R. Gilmore, Rex Ray, Tom Bonauro and Stuart Patterson contributing, Ipso Facto made an indelible impact on the scene of its day. Produced only with a Mac, it pushed the boundaries of desktop publishing.

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Roam magazine

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