Magazine Design Samples

All files are PDFs, with complete issues of titles

ROAM Travel Magazine

Travel and culture magazine published in the late 1990s.
Art Direction & Design by John Tripp Creative.

MundoVibe Magazine

Music and culture magazine, all design and production by John Tripp Creative.

Metro Asheville

Ipso Facto Magazine

Ipso Facto was a seminal magazine of electronic music, visual culture, street activism, style and fasion published during the rise of “desktop publishing”. With such noted designers as Steven R. Gilmore, Rex Ray, Tom Bonauro and Stuart Patterson contributing, Ipso Facto made an indelible impact on the scene of its day. Produced only with a Mac, it pushed the boundaries of desktop publishing.

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Rose Cherami: Gathering Fallen Petals

Working with Author Michael Marcades, JTD designed and produced this 412-page historical fiction story of his mother Rose Cherami. Her personal history is one of turmoil, addiction, crime and intrigue and weaves a compelling tale. Available at Amazon