Le Pop 6 Showcases “Les Chansons de la nouvelle scène Française


Various Artists

Le Pop Volume 6

The last decade has seen the rise of French electronica and disco: one doesn’t have to try hard to conjure up their favorite dance groups or DJs like Daft Punk, Dimitri From Paris or Air. The French may have become synonymous with thumping beats but there’s a whole other French sound that has been equally fruitful, the chanson Française. This is not the French music your beatnik parents grew up with though. The sixth incarnation of the French compilation “Le Pop” shows just how far and wide the French song has come with sixteen tracks from across the French diaspora, from Paris to Louisiana. There’s an uptempo and feel good vibe to the selection, with but a couple songs showing a more melancholic side (Fredda’s ‘Fenêtre À Collioure’ is one). For the most part it’s a sweet, sassy and wild ride in an open convertible with the tunes blasting.

La Patère’s ‘Chocolove’ is a whimsical, jaunty pop tune with sweet female vocals and banjo. Olivier Goulet’s ‘Alors Il Y’a La Lune’ is a smokey and vocal-driven song with Mali-esque blues guitar. Caracol’s ‘L’amour Est Un Tricheur’ is a catchy reggae-blues track with chocolate-rich female vocals. Jérôme Minière’s ‘Avril’ is a sensuous male-female duo that reminds me of Thievery Corporation’s ‘Lebanese Blonde’. Féloche’s ‘La Vie Cajun’ is the most “urban” song here, a scratch-laden and swamp-infused track with a dash of masala. Emmanuelle Seigner’s ‘Dingue’ is one of the collections more infectious songs with upfront vocals and a memorable chorus.

If there’s one influence that permeates “Le Pop 6” it would be Manu Chao: you might not be able to pinpoint it but you can feel his influence. Of course there’s also a smattering of Serge Gainsbourg, Django Reinhardt et al. If you’ve been sucked into the vortex of French dance music and want a breath of fresh pop-vocal air, “Le Pop 6” is a welcome treat of French chanson. And don’t worry about the words, you’ll still find yourself humming these songs. –John C. Tripp

Tracklisting and videos at the break


01. Feloche – La Vie Cajun
02. Tom Poisson – Trapeziste
03. Stephanie Lapointe – Eau Salee
04. Marianne Dissard – The One And Only
05. Cecile Hercule – La Chance
06. Olivier Goulet – Alors Il Y’a La Lune
07. Coeur De Pirate – Pour Un Infidele
08. Emmanuelle Seigner – Dingue
09. Alexis HK – La Maison Ronchonchon
10. Toma – Je Bois La Mer
11. Jerome Miniere – Avril
12. Fredda – Fenetre A Collioure
13. JP Nataf – Viens Me Le Dire
14. Caracol – L’Amour Est Un Tricheur
15. La Patere Rose – Chocolove
16. Yvan Marc – Propaganda



TOM POISSON: Trapéziste
Hochgeladen von TomPoissonOfficiel. – Sieh mehr Musikvideos, in HD!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/7089856]

Coeur de pirate et Jimi Hunt || Pour un infidèle from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.
Jp Nataf “Viens me le dire
Hochgeladen von totoutard. – Sieh die neuesten vorgestellten Musikvideos.

Andrew Collberg “Man in the moose suite” from the album “On the wreath”

Andrew Collberg – Man In The Moose Suit from Ryan Glenn on Vimeo.

Dominique A “Immortels” from the album “La musique”

Dominique A “Hasta que el cuerpo aguante” from the album “La musique”

Albin de la Simone & Vanessa Paradis “Adrienne” from Le Pop 5!

Coeur De Pirate “Comme des enfants” from Le Pop 5!

Eddy (la) Gooyatsh “Le vélo” from Le Pop 5!

Jérôme Minière Clip “Trains” from the album “Coeurs”

Françoiz Breut “Nébuleux Bonhomme” from the album “À l’aveuglette”

Françoiz Breut – “Nébuleux Bonhomme” from charlie mars on Vimeo.

Jeanne Cherhal Clip “Voilà” from the album “L’eau”

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