Ipso Facto Magazine

Ipso Facto magazine was an electronic and “industrial” music, visual culture and arts magazine published in Gainesville, Florida and San Francisco in the mid to late ’80s. Ipso Facto was founded by JCT Cr8tv’s John C. Tripp along with Chuck Conner and Stuart Patterson. The first issue of Ipso Facto was a xeroxed and tape bound “zine”. Later issues were offset printed. Ipso Facto’s production coincided with the first Apple Macintosh and the nascent desktop publishing industry. From the start, Ipso Facto’s design and production were on a Mac and its last issues pushed the technology with four color separations.

Ipso Facto magazine

San Francisco’s Ipso Facto was a seminal ‘zine of electronic music, visual culture, street activism, style and fasion. With such noted designers as Steven R. Gilmore, Rex Ray, Tom Bonauro and Stuart Patterson contributing, Ipso Facto made an indelible impact on the scene of its day. Produced only with a Mac, it pushed the boundaries of desktop publishing.

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serve ‘zine published in Gainesville, Florida in the late ’80s. Issue three features interviews with 4AD recording artists The Wolfgan Press, photography by the Starn Twins, retro fashion phography by Fred Leutner, short fiction by R.W. Morrison, musicians Chris & Cosey, Danielle Dax, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, William Orbit and Roger Gilbert-Lecomte. 56 pages.

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